Apply for a Direct Payday Advance

Are you looking for steadfast payday advance service in order to supplement your emergency borrowing needs? You can count on LendUp, which is direct internet payday advance lender!

We offer all the features that you expect from a direct payday advance service including short-term borrowings at low interest rates, a swift and undemanding application process. LendUp keeps its customers at the core of the whole process and provides them with a 24/7 account access, the most friendly customer service and a lot of important things that you name!

A Trustworthy Payday Advance Lender

For those who want someone to vouch for us, LendUp is a licensed payday advance lender. We act in accordance with all federal and state regulations that are intended to protect you. We don’t sell your private information to any third party. In fact, confidentiality and privacy of our customers are our benchmarks. Today, we lead in the market because we hold on to the all the values we were built on.

How to Apply for a Payday Advance

The market is too saturated to lose the trust of our customers, which is why at LendUp we’ve designed an application process packed with the fastest technologies to reduce the time to apply for payday advance to just a few minute. With our advanced application process, now you can even customize a loan that represents your needs and immediately see the impact on your loan terms.

To be exact, our online application form for payday advance takes just 5 minutes to fill. After you hit the submit button, we quickly share with you our payday advance loan decision. Once the decision is approved, LendUp credits, in your account, the money in as little as 15 minutes provided you have a supported debit card or bank account. Getting a payday advance loan was never so fast, accurate and easy!

The LendUp direct payday advance advantage:

 Instant Decision: Our motto is to help you cover your expenditures as fast as we can. This is why; we provide an instant loan decision facility on your online application. Our online algorithm helps us grant you a direct payday advance in less time than it takes to go to a cash advance store. Our application form is optimized for both Smartphone and computer.

 Safety: When you apply for a payday advance loan, you trust us with your sensitive information that can prove hostile if shared with any third parties. We always value your security, safety, and privacy. Our operating cycle is the safest, from application to funding, we our accountable for handling your loan details.

Accessibility: Every LendUp customer gets a personal dashboard, where you can manage your loan details 24/7. You can contact our friendly customer support team, who is ready to answer any questions you may have about your payday cash advance.

 Better rates: Indeed, Payday advance online loans have astronomical interest rates. Since, LendUp is a direct lender, you get loans at better terms at even lower rates and always with no hidden fees.