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KwikCash – People on a timeline crunch can rush to KwikCash for a fats and convenient payday loan. You can receive a sum of 1000 pounds as fast as 2 hours at an APR of 2670%, which means that if you borrow a sum of 200 pounds you’ll have to repay 248 pounds after 30 days. The maximum term of loan is 6 months.

CashCowNow – This Company understands your payday loan requirements, this the reason it has such a low APR of 1295%. You can keep the borrowings upto 1000 pounds to pay your bills for a maximum period of 6 months and the return back

Credio – Maximum Loan upto 300 pounds can be availed in just one day. What makes this payday loan lender ideal is the low interest rate of 117% APR which means if you just borrow 200 pounds for 60 days you’ll end up repaying 253.

PoundstoPocket – With an extremely low APR of 278%, this payday lender has every feature you ask for. You can get a maximum loan up to 2000 pounds for a maximum period of 1 year. Since the APR is low your cost of credit can be easily covered by you, for instance if you borrow a sum of 200 pounds for a period of 180 days you’ll only have to repay just 289

Community Payday – Get a loan in just 15 minutes and pay your dues like a boss. Given the efficiency, the cost of credit is a little high at 16534% APR, which means if you borrow a sum of 200 pounds for 28 days you’ll have to repay 301 pounds after 28 days.

Mr. Lender – The period of a loan approval is a little high at 3 days, but the interest rate is really low at 2216% APR, so if you borrow 200 pounds for 94 days you’ll end up paying back 302 pounds. Besides this, the maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed is 10000 pounds and as such the period of repayment is 6 months.

LendFair – The cheapest offer on a payday loan is brought to you by LendFair. The representative APR is just 48%, you can borrow a jaw-dropping sum of 5000pounds and you can keep the borrowed money for up to 5 years. By far this is the cheapest option to consider.

WageMe – Take a loan of 200 pounds and repay 248 after 30 days, you can borrow a sum of 750 pounds and keep it for an utmost period of 35 days.

Wonga – Get your loan in just 15 minutes at an APR of 5853%. Keep the borrowed money for 44 days.

Ferratum – If you’re legally 18 years old, you can borrow a limit sum of 300 pounds at an APR of 2754% for a period of 45 days. This way you can easily pay your dues and feel free.