100Day Loans – Get the approval for loan online up to $1000 in just 90 seconds provided you have the right paperwork. The lending service transfers the amount in your account by the next day when you get your approval by applying online or though phone. Given the budget it covers and the ease it endows us with. This service is by far the best service when it comes to payday loans.

Net Loan USA – Get you pay day loan approved in less than two minutes. This company matches you with the perfect lender based on the term s of requirement and that is how it allows you to escape the high interest debt trap.

247 Loan – The efficiency of approval and amount are what makes this pay day loan lender the 3rd best lender. You can get your loan approved up to an amount of $1000. This company connects you to the best lenders given your liquidity and repayment period.

LendUp – Though limited to just 15 states this service is highly effective and offers instant deposits so that you can get you payday loan in just 15 minutes. The repayment approach is highly effective and lets you save your credit cost by a great margin.

RISE – Rise can commit to your high cash requirements in just a few minutes. It can offer you a loan up to $5000. The lending process is rather impressive and involves the point system approach and helps you lower your interest rate considerably.

CashNetUSA – The innovative payday loan service allows you a line of credit that can be used as and when you need extra cash to pay your dues. You are only charged interest on what you withdraw and not on the line of credit approved for you. But make sure that you don’t withdraw to such an extent that you cannot repay the amount easily. Excess withdrawals won’t take you anywhere but oa debt cycle.

ChecknGo – The approval process is a little slow and can take the whole day but since this one is a direct lender you are well assured beforehand about the interest rate that you’ll e charged. These players have been in the play for a long time and as such they know the business very well.

PCA – Kiss your bills good bye with this easy payday lending service that doesn’t even check your credit ratings and backgrounds. Selected debtors can even enjoy a loan amount up to $1500. Not only your loan can get approved within a few hours and hence it is quick as it claims.

National Payday – Get your deposit on the very day you apply for loan. Though the interest rate is high and the APR is over 1000% yet this is a short term loan it doesn’t matter that much.

CheckintoCash – No need to put up your income after tax to be eligible for the loan, Just go online and apply for a loan and get the deposit the next day.