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Urgency of money makes us hesitant to take the right steps. As the time of need passes we often regret the decisions we made. Money matters often tend to make us ignore the darkness of high interest rates and irrelevant terms of payday loan and see the instant credit to our account. But now, for you to get the money you need, LendUp has set up easy credit facility with low interest rates which takes far less time than it takes you to drive down to the check cashing store that is blocks away and join the queue.


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Why Choose LendUp when there are a lot of rising market players?

  • LendUp offers payday advances up to $250 for first-time borrowers and up to $1000 over timefrom a direct lender. As you build a long term borrowing relationship with LendUp you get the finest check cashing services you have always wanted, on your terms.
  • California-based friendly and smart Customer Service at your disposal, online and over the phone, whenever and wherever you want.We know that our customers seek help in matters of finance. At times, they are confused about their requirements and uncertain about the costs they’ll endure. We’re always happy to help and have the answers to almost any questions you may have about LendUp and check cashing and cash advance services online.
  • Fastest credit to your bank account so that you can supplement you expenses while you watch your favorite show with your friends right at your home. Getting money will ever be problem from next time. Our transfers take as little as 15 minutes, direct to your bank account. So if you initiate your proceedings and get your payday advance approved before you take a batch, you’ll most likely see the money in your account as you come back. Get the money you need, fast!
  • Best opportunities to climb the LendUp ladder and get customized terms and conditions for your loan with lower interest rates. We share our benefits with our loyal customer base, because they have a direct hand in letting us achieve our mission of smart, quick and accurate payday advances.

Check cashing services from LendUp are here for you, so you never need to wait in line again!