Every top direct loan website keeps your security and transparency ahead of it profits

.Security: For us, security is a matter of consumer privilege and is the right of our customers. Don’t share/input your personal information or any sensitive data which can be misused to apply for a payday cash loan on a site that is not certified and secured. If you’re wondering, how to identify a secure site then always try to locate a lock icon in the address bar which indicates that the site is secure and certified. When you’re applying for a loan online and you don’t see it, you can pretty much tell that the website is a hoax. LendUp uses integrated back-level security and encrypts your personal information and debit/credit card details, making it a safe solution for getting cash online. LendUp always keeps the information of its past and present customers from the hackers this is why the whole process from application to repayment is secure.

 Transparency: Our mantra to attract customers is to be completely honest with them by disclosing all our policies. LendUp never offers roll overs or extensions for loans and cumulative interest thereon and charges no hidden feees, whatsoever. What you seat our website is of course what is served. We always recommend our customers to have the answers to these questions before they apply for loan your loan.

  1. Can you easily calculate effective cost of loan BEFORE you take it out?
  2. How will the lender react, if you need more time to repay your cash loan?

If you can’t find answers to these questions while dealing with your current lender, you should probably look for a better and safer cash loan site.

LendUp’s onsite slider system makes it easy for customers to see exactly how much it will cost to them to borrow up to $250 for up to 30 days.

A lot of the best licensed direct lenders not only make the decision about approval in short span of time by considering all the inputs that you provide them for the loan but also don’t offer/expose your information to scammers or third parties at any price.

LendUp is a licensed direct cash lender in established in the frequent major cities like California, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma! Our approval process is instant and we send the money directly to your bank account to save time.

 What are the things that I need to apply for a LendUp loan?

 In order to apply for the LendUp loan, you need:

-An active checking account (Make sure you have your checkbook or routing and account numbers handy)

-A valid email address

-A phone that accepts incoming calls

Through our easy access policy, even borrowers with no credit history or poor credit rating can get an instant cash loan approved.