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Lendup is an unconventional substitute for an online cash loan. The best thing about cash advance loans from LendUp is that they come with no hidden fees, no rollovers, low interest rates and fully disclosed terms and conditions. We don’t just offer an unsurpassed industry grade service in California, we offer cash advance loans in over 20 states. If you are looking for a sound and trustworthy lender who can be banked upon without any doubts, then Lendup is the best choice you can possibly make.


Why? Let’s enlighten you more about what we have to offer that others don’t!

What is better about cash advances from LendUp?


  • Direct lender link – When you apply for a cash loan online, it’s difficult to tell whether you’re applying for the advance directly with the lender or with the middle man outsourced by the lender, often referred to as a ‘broker’ or ‘lead generator’, who sets you up with the lender and makes profit. You’ll be glad to find out that, LendUp is a direct lender, which means when you apply for a cash advance with us, we are the ones who process your application, deposit the money and accept repayment.
  • Instant decision – Most of the online cash lenders have stringent policies that take time to conceive (assuming everything is favorable). Isn’t finding out about your cash advance application, by yourself, quickly a better option? Our unique technology and fast gestation and filing period let us get you a loan decision – swift!
  • Lower rates – The biggest hiccup when it comes to online cash advances is the high rates of interest where people end up paying more interest than they should have. With LendUp, now you get offered low interest rates on our cash advance product.
  • Consumer Support – All of our customer and support service is handled by the super-friendly folks, who are always happy to guide you, at our corporate headquarters in the middle of San Francisco. So, should you have any inquiries about our top rated cash advances, do let us know!