While searching for a cash advance online, you must smartly acknowledge the need to be rational.  Not all cash advance lenders are alike, some transfer money through wire transfers, some offer lender pickup locations and ironically a few don’t even reveal how they’re going to advance you the cash that you’ve applied for.

LendUp is a direct licensed payday lender that offers smart, secure and opportune cash advances. For people in need of immediate cash for ultra short term, weekend cash advances are also available.

If you have ever applied for a cash advance through a broker or middleman, you know how slow and expensive the process of availing the payday advance is. In order to justify our instant credit service we’ve eradicated the middleman. We directly deal with the customers and supply them flawless funding at their option. LendUp has also structured an online application form that secures all your sensitive personal and banking information through encryption and at the same time reduces the time lacunae between filling the form and physically delivering it to the lender store. To avoid identity theft, always choose a secure direct lender for your cash advance online. You can easily tell that a website is safe to drop your personal information if you can locate the green padlock at the upper left hand corner of your browser’s address bar.

A lot of cash advances online are often commissioned through lead generators, who claim to get you the cheapest loan service in your area. Yes, these are not direct lenders and they sell your information to the highest bidder to find you the cash advance that they have promised. We, at LendUp, never plan to hamper your right to privacy and as a licensed, direct lender in California and we never sell any customer’s information to any 3rd party marketers or solicitors.

We are proud to share that our instant loan service is as fast as booking movie tickets online. We know that your need for cash advance can arise at any time of day and things may get a little tough for you where it seems impossible to get the urgent advance. This is why, we offer convenient online cash advances 24/7, from the comfort of your smartphone or computer. No matter what time of day it is, if you feel the need of money, you’ll get it whenever you want. Our fast servers allow us to send the online cash advance directly to your bank account, in as little as 15 minutes.

So, If your paycheck is still late and you need urgent money. You know who to contact. Apply now and get your online cash advance with LendUp!